A robust fire and security system designed around your needs and professionally maintained to the highest standard defends your business against potentially devastating risk.

Your Elektec account manager will take the time to understand your fire and security needs and develop a bespoke design, installation, service, and maintenance package custom-made for your requirements.

Whether you need security cameras, door access, security lighting, or intruder alarms, Elektec is your partner in safeguarding your premises against threats.

Together, we’ll keep your business, workplace, and employees safe and secure every day.


Elektec has a wealth of experience installing and maintaining CCTV systems. All systems are bespoke, and designed around your requirements and budget.

Your cutting edge, high-quality equipment connects to your mobile phone or tablet via an app, so you have the comfort of being able to view your premises remotely, wherever you are.

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Access Security 

Access security systems are a convenient, modern way to keep your business secure.

We design and install a range of access systems with varying levels of security, depending on users and locations.

Medical professionals and education establishments love our access security systems because they’re completely customisable.

For example, if you need to prevent unauthorised personnel from entering certain areas, your system will facilitate this. Plus, we offer full training to your team, so everyone feels safe and confident in your security setup.

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Fire Alarm Testing

Did you know your fire alarm system should be inspected by a competent person at least every six months?

In fact, if you have large premises, we recommend a quarterly fire alarm testing service.

Why? Commercial and industrial systems feature more components, so there’s more risk something will go wrong.

Well-maintained fire alarms prevent loss of life, damaged assets, and unwelcome business disruptions. Plus, the fire brigade now charges for callouts at premises with a high number of false alarms.

So, keeping your business fire alarm system in optimal condition is vital for your safety, security, budget, and peace of mind.

Business fire alarm testing with minimal disruption to your staff and business? Leave it to the Elektec experts.


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Intruder Alarms 

Is your business protected against criminal damage from intruders?

We carry out independent assessments on your premises and provide user-friendly, ultra-effective industrial and commercial intruder alarm systems that keep your business and people safe from intrusion.

Take out a maintenance package, and we’ll identify any faults, check detectors, replace batteries, and keep your system operational.

With regular inspections and tests of your business’s intruder alarm system from our experts, you’ll be safe in the knowledge your business, employees, and assets are 100% secure.

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