Elektec has a team of account managers who will consult with you to develop bespoke design, installation, service and maintenance packages tailored to your requirements.  

Whatever your security system needs are, in the form of cameras, door access, or intruder alarms, Elektec is your partner to ensure these defences are installed securely and are thoroughly maintained for your businesses long-term, ongoing safety and peace of mind. 


Elektec has a wealth of experience in the installation and maintenance of CCTV systems. All systems are bespoke, designed to suit your business’ requirements and work within your budget. We use ultra-modern, high-quality equipment that can be viewed by various means such as, an app on your phone or tablet.  

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Access Security 

Elektec can design and install a range of security equipment that provides a convenient, modern way of ensuring your businesses securityElektec can provide equipment with varying levels of security for specific users and areas, whilst preventing unauthorised personnel from accessing certain areas. These solutions are often popular amongst medical professionals and education sectors due to their vast customisability. Elektec technicians will install these customised systems to meet the requirements of your business, whilst providing appropriate training to all members of staff.  

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Fire Alarm Testing

Fire alarm testing is a service that Elektec can offer efficiently, with minimal disruption to your staff or business. UK fire alarm regulation BS 5839 recommends that a fire alarm system be inspected by a competent person at least every six months. If you work out of large premises, we recommend a quarterly service. Workplace and industrial systems involve more components, with more opportunities for something to go wrong. A well-maintained fire alarm prevents loss of life, along with false alarms that can be costly and cause their own unwelcome disruptions. The fire brigade now imposes charges for callouts at premises that have a high number of false alarms – ample incentive for businesses to keep their systems better maintained.  

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Intruder Alarms 

Theft and criminal damage caused by intruders is a constant threat. At Elektec we can carry out independent assessments on your premises to provide you with the correct industrial/commercial alarm system that covers your requirements and is user-friendly and effective for protecting your business, employees and assets.  Elektec offer a maintenance package to identify any faults and ensure the system is operational and the security of your premises is not compromised. Ongoing maintenance packages can ensure that equipment like batteries and detectors are in full working order and you have peace of mind that your property is secure. 

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