Elektec team assist Cuerden Valley Park Trust to save lives

Last week the Elektec team played a small part in helping the Cuerden Valley Park Trust to save lives by installing a defibrillator.

The group “Friends of Cuerden Valley Park”, made up of volunteers, work tirelessly throughout the year to raise funds to improve the park for the local community.

When approached for an installation quote by Cuerden Valley, there was simply no way we could charge for the work! We have so much admiration for the volunteers and everything they do.

Jack Spickett, Chairman of Friends of Cuerden Valley Park, said “The Friends had unanimously agreed to fund the purchase and installation of a defibrillator, available to everyone who works for or visits Cuerden Valley Park. Whilst we had volunteers who could mount the unit safely we realised that we would require the services of a registered electrical company to connect the complicated wiring associated with the defibrillator. Elecktec was asked if they could carry out the necessary work, and in the short time frame available. You not only said yes, but as we are a charity and the installation of a defibrillator was to the benefit of all of the local community you would provide all the necessary professional services and waive any charges.

Two of your excellent technicians carried out the work on the day agreed and we were able to go forward with the unveiling ceremony at our monthly Food and Craft Market.

So thank you again for everything that you did for us and whilst we sincerely hope that our new defibrillator never has to be used it is thanks to you that it is now available and ready if needed to possibly save someone’s life.”

We hope they can use the financial savings to benefit the public in other ways.

Keep up the good work Friends of Cuerden Valley Park!