Elektec can provide you with a cabling setup that will accelerate transactions and get your business operating at its peak efficiency.  

Elektec will listen closely to your needs, before offering an appropriate, cost-effective solution for your business. Our engineer’s in-depth knowledge of Cat 6a cabling will ensure your organisation is provided with everything you need for an optimised enterprise. We specialise in installation, termination, and testing, ensuring you are left with a hassle-free, ready-to-go solution.  

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Both small and large businesses need a setup that allows for rapid outgoing communication; immediate access to software, files, and data network; and properly synced tech devices without any delays or compatibility issues. Elektec understands this, and are here to make sure your phones, internet, printers, and in-office systems can function together rapidly to meet your business’s needs ‘round the clock.   

From implementing advanced commercial systems to facilitating solutions to routine problems, you can reach out to our data engineers for any task or question related to your data cabling.  

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Bespoke electrical solutions tailored to your needs…